My name is Caleb Farrell a.k.a CalebDigital the owner of WOLFINITY. I was always inspired by the movies and shows I watched as a kid. And back then just like anyone else, I wanted it to be real. I wanted my dreams and ideas to become a reality. So a few years later I taught myself how to do Visual Effects and Film Making. And then later on I got into Producing Beats (@CalebSound). After a while I started to build an amazing fan base known as #teamdigital. And people would say I always inspire them to make videos and they wish they could do the FX that I do, so created these VFX Packs for the people who love watching my videos and want to add FX to their own! So thank you guys so much for supporting my videos and my music! I made these VFX Packs by hand so I appreciate all the support. All of these packs include instructions that show you how to use them step by step. If you need anymore help you can email me at


"This is only the beginning" - CD